Drain Cleaning

When you think about home maintenance does cleaning out your drains get added on to your to-do list? If not, it should! We’re not just talking about your sink and bathtub drains either. Every home has a main drain, usually located in your basement or just outside of your property. They are made from copper or cast iron and are extremely durable, being able to withstand a lot. When you think about it, this one drain is responsible for receiving the water from all of your other smaller house drains, like the sinks, washer, toilet, and bathtub. So it not only has water passing through but any debris as well.

It goes without saying that the main house drain is one of the most important things in your home to be regularly maintained. If it’s not maintained, blockages can occur, which can be expensive to fix. There are steps that you can take to help maintain your drains, but it’s also advisable to have a professional plumber out once or twice a year to give your whole system a health check.

How Drain Cleaning Can Be Beneficial


Less Chance of Blockages

Over time, your shower, bath, and sink drains become clogged with hair and debris. This can lead to slow draining. Usually, these smaller clogs can be handled with a good consumer-grade drain cleaner, which breaks up the debris and hair causing the clog.

A more serious clog that just won’t move will require a proper drain cleaning, however. When drains are left too long with build-up in them, it can lead to an overflow of your toilet, or cause your sewer lines to burst or leak, which can get really expensive to repair.

Odor Reduction

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and smelled something odd coming from the kitchen sink? That’s a clogged drain, which stops water from flowing properly down the drain and lets those nasty smells from your plumbing system flow into your home. These are odors that can be hard to clear. The trick to eliminate this issue? Don’t let those drains get clogged to begin with. With regular cleaning you can ensure buildup doesn’t occur, water flows freely through the drains, and those odors don’t get a chance to buildup.

Cleaner House

The water in your sewer lines is home to a number of bugs and bacteria. Having drains that are clogged and overflow back into the home means all of that nasty stuff comes up with it. When you maintain and clean your drains on a regular basis, you prevent that bacteria from getting into the home and putting your health at risk.

Lower Expenses

By cleaning your drains regularly and having an annual or bi-annual inspection of your sewer system, you can avoid issues later on that could cost hundreds. A plumbing and drain technician can check for rust or leaks on older pipes, or pipes that have been damaged by tree roots. Catching these problems early on and fixing them means you avoid a more expensive repair down the line.

A Better Outdoor Area

When you have poor drainage in your system it can not only pose potential hazards in your home but outside the home as well. Blocked drains can cause standing water that leads to the erosion of soil, slippery and dangerous surfaces, creates a breeding ground for insects, lets mold grow, and can cause premature decaying in gardens.

To keep your home running in top shape, cleaning your drains regularly is essential. You can easily maintain the smaller drains in your home but for the larger house drain, it’s best to have a professional in who can not only clean it properly but will inspect the sewage system of your home for any potential issues. This will ensure that your home plumbing system functions as it should.