Benefits of Bathroom Upgrade

Getting a bathroom upgrade or remodel can be a really fun project whether you do it yourself or hire someone. You can create your own theme or just give it a new look. The bathroom is one biggest thing you can do to increase your home’s value. The best part is that there are other benefits for a remodel. bathroom

Increase in value

Having your bathroom remolded is one sure way to increase the overall of your home. Based on a survey on HGTV, homeowners see roughly a 102% return on investment. This means for every $1000 you spend in the upgrade, you get back $1020 back. While $20 may not seem like a big number, just consider that most home remodels don’t usually see any positive return on their investments.

Physically appealing

If your home was built before the year 2000, then your place is probably outdated. A remodel in this situation can give your bathroom a more modern look. This is where you can go wild with your imagination. Create a theme for your bathroom and give it a stylish look. Combine a well-looking bathroom with an attractive home layout can really give your homes value a big boost in value.

Fix certain features

Have a crack in the floor? Or maybe need a bigger vanity? Upgrading certain parts of your bathroom such as cheap linoleum to porcelain tiles can make you feel a lot better. Getting a bigger vanity can create more surface space for your bathroom supplies.

Energy efficient

Updating our faucets, shower fixtures, and lighting can really make your bathroom energy efficient. This is a huge benefit because it will definitely lower your utility bill and not to mention helping with the environment.


If your bathrooms haven’t been upgraded for the last decade then chances are that some minor cracks have developed. In those cracks, bacteria are known to live. Small cracks in the grout allow for the growth of bacteria. In addition, if you ever got water through the cracks to the subfloor, you give the opportunity for mold to grow. Not only is this bad for your bathroom but for your health as well. Upgrading your bathroom with new and better equipment can make for a very hygienic room.
The range of benefits depends on your budget plan. Most bathrooms remodel can cost anywhere from $500-$15,000. Obviously, that’s a big gap. That’s because you have to account if you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself and if you want minimal work versus going all out. For something simple such as new floors, expect to pay something in the lower range. For a full bathroom remodel such as new floors, vanity, shower etc. expect to pay on the higher range.
It’s worth to mention that it is always highly recommended you higher a professional for this job. Every bathroom is unique and may require some plumbing work. Consult with a plumber before you do any type of plumbing. These professionals have the experience and all the necessary tools to start the job.
All-in-all, Those are just some benefits we highlighted. To put it all the action just determine your budget. Have an idea of what you want your ideal bathroom to look like. Imagine what colors schemes you want to use. Pick out what type of flooring would look best. Picture how you want your vanity area. Once you have the perfect picture in your head you’re ready to begin!